100 word challenge !

Once upon a time, there was a cow, and it lived on a small farm. Until one day the cow was being moved to a new paddock as the cow was running around the fresh green grass. It came across a large tower. As it walked around the outside of the tower, it spotted a little door that was guarded by giants. But the giants spotted the cow, and they moved towards the cow. But the cow wasn’t quick enough, so the giants sprinkled some fairy dust and the cow disappeared, and the cow found itself back on the farm!

One thought on “100 word challenge !”

  1. What a neat story, Rosa. I love the way it ends where it starts. There is some good description in your story, too. I particularly like ‘the fresh green grass’ and ‘the giants sprinkled some fairy dust and the cow disappeared’. I was worried for the cow, but luckily your story had a happy ending.

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