End of term 1 review !

This term I have enjoyed learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi and I liked going to the Benmore Dam because it was very interesting but most of all I loved the Upper Waitaki Swimming Sports and touch too.

This year I think I have improved a lot on area and perimeter, and we have been doing some explanation writing, and I was very happy with my result.

I have disliked doing SRA kits because I find them boring. But I can’t think of anything else I don’t like, so it has been a pretty good term for me.

We have also been doing some amazing lizard art, and what is in your head art too and youthtown has been coming to our school and that has been great.




10 fun facts about me!

  • My worst habit is sleepwalking because a few years ago I sleepwalked on camp and almost pulled the fire alarm.
  • When I was 4 I always tried to itch my freckles off.
  • My favorite food is my Mum’s famous shepherd’s pie and pumpkin soup
  • I like cats more than dogs because cats are cleaner and friendlier.
  • My favorite sports are basketball and touch.
  • When I am older I want to be a vet and a dairy farmer.
  • I HATE ham and I also hate butter chicken in a pie.
  • I have a little brother and an older sister and a great Mum and Dad.
  • My favorite animal is a cow.
  • My favorite subject is Math.

100 word challenge

It was only the other day that I discovered an old, rusty, and run-down train. I went to have a look inside, but they were nothing in the cabin. But I kept on looking around the train. And then I looked in the corner of the cabin and saw a treasure chest. I dragged it outside, but it was heavier than I expected. And then I got a stick and tried to pick the lock, after a while I had finally managed to get the lock off. And as I looked inside I saw ….. lots of gold and diamonds “WOW”.


Randy was just riding his bike around the town, and he suddenly found himself parked in front of a black and red sign, and it said to beware of the monster. But Randy didn’t believe in monsters, so he slowly crept behind a tree and peeked over and sore nothing. He started moving forward and sore a shadow behind him, he slowly turned around and sore the biggest and ugliest monster. He screamed and ran home. And the next day his bike was gone, he looked around the whole town, but then he found it tied to a power pole.

That Was Summer

                That Was Summer


Do you remember how long it took

to pack the car 

and when you were finally finished 

your arms were dangling down the 

side of your body?

You never knew it was that hard to

 pack a car for a 4-day trip.

But do you also remember when you

finally, got off the coffee smelling plane

And then you had to travel through a traffic 


And when you finally found your apartment

building, it took about 10 minutes to lug your 

luggage up the never ending stairs. 

And the walls were black and white and there were heaps of vents.

So it was like walking through a jail?


Do you remember when you walked around

the city, looking at the Beehive, zoo, Te Papa

and much more,

 But also amazing and

interesting views that you have never seen 


Do you remember all the amazing, yummy and interesting 

food you ate, like waffles, pizza, enchiladas, tacos  

and at the end of dinner, lunch, breakfast, tea your stomach 

was so full that you thought you were going to explode?

That was summer.