What day is it? I look at my calendar and realize that my report is due today. Got to go fast. I am well-known as a speed typer. I am minuscule, like half the size of a small mouse. Anyway, as I start typing on my white computer I realize that my washing is getting eaten by pests such as mice, cats, and a thing that would love to rip me to a million pieces a dog. What am I going to do? But then I remember that I have some sticky jam in my fridge. I will use that.

Summary of See You In The Cosmos!!

See You In The Cosmos is a book writen by Jack Cheng. It is about a boy called Alex and he is 11 and when he was 3 years old his dad died. He knows that his dad dies but one day he got a noticication from .It said that there was a person in L.A who had the same birthday and name as his dad so he thinks that his Dad is still alive.

Well it the start of the book I was very confused but then I started getting it. So I liked the book because it was a book that I probably wouldn’t have read by myself at home. The book was very interesting because Alex’s Mum had  schizophrenia and I learnt a lot about it. Schizophrenia is an mental illness and it makes you think that there are voices in your head and you have to lisen to them.

My favourite character would be………….. Alex because he went through a lot and he manged to find what he was looking for. Alex is very strong and a nice person and he just sounds like a helpful and nobol person.

If you like reading books that have adventures and drama, well this book well be good for you.



100 word challenge !

Once upon a time, there was a cow, and it lived on a small farm. Until one day the cow was being moved to a new paddock as the cow was running around the fresh green grass. It came across a large tower. As it walked around the outside of the tower, it spotted a little door that was guarded by giants. But the giants spotted the cow, and they moved towards the cow. But the cow wasn’t quick enough, so the giants sprinkled some fairy dust and the cow disappeared, and the cow found itself back on the farm!

My Favourite Book

My favorite book is Finding Father, it is a journal of Mary Brogan, and she writes it in 1882. It was about Mary Bogan, and she hasn’t seen her father in seven years. He was supposed to have followed the rest of her family from Australia to New Zealand, but he never turned up. So Mary Bogan has gone looking for her father. But by the end of the story, Mary finds her father looking for gold in the goldfields in Otago. I definitely recommend it to people who love reading about adventure and discoverers.

100wc # 30 2021


It sure was a normal day and I went for a morning walk. As I walk through the village I suddenly spotted an abandoned house it looked so spooky. But of course I wasn’t scared of a house, so I went inside, I slowly opened the door then I saw a rat ran across the floor “ahh” I screamed and ran for the door but then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I couldn’t see anything I tried so hard to find the door, but I couldn’t find it. Then I realized someone shut the door…….

End of term 1 review !

This term I have enjoyed learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi and I liked going to the Benmore Dam because it was very interesting but most of all I loved the Upper Waitaki Swimming Sports and touch too.

This year I think I have improved a lot on area and perimeter, and we have been doing some explanation writing, and I was very happy with my result.

I have disliked doing SRA kits because I find them boring. But I can’t think of anything else I don’t like, so it has been a pretty good term for me.

We have also been doing some amazing lizard art, and what is in your head art too and youthtown has been coming to our school and that has been great.




10 fun facts about me!

  • My worst habit is sleepwalking because a few years ago I sleepwalked on camp and almost pulled the fire alarm.
  • When I was 4 I always tried to itch my freckles off.
  • My favorite food is my Mum’s famous shepherd’s pie and pumpkin soup
  • I like cats more than dogs because cats are cleaner and friendlier.
  • My favorite sports are basketball and touch.
  • When I am older I want to be a vet and a dairy farmer.
  • I HATE ham and I also hate butter chicken in a pie.
  • I have a little brother and an older sister and a great Mum and Dad.
  • My favorite animal is a cow.
  • My favorite subject is Math.

100 word challenge

It was only the other day that I discovered an old, rusty, and run-down train. I went to have a look inside, but they were nothing in the cabin. But I kept on looking around the train. And then I looked in the corner of the cabin and saw a treasure chest. I dragged it outside, but it was heavier than I expected. And then I got a stick and tried to pick the lock, after a while I had finally managed to get the lock off. And as I looked inside I saw ….. lots of gold and diamonds “WOW”.